We provide services to the coffee industry, we take care of proper management and control of commodity raw material to achieve the best quality you are looking for. Our production plant is certified to process organic coffees. The production services we offer are as follows:

During the purchase of the parchment coffee, most come with humidity ranging between 14 to 40 percent. To enter the process of milled must have a maximum of 12.5 humidity percent.

This drying process is similar to drying under the direct sunlight; namely start with a low temperature and then it increases with the passing of the day, so drying is performed from the inside of the coffee bean to the outside.

We have a laboratory at each plant where we offer the sample analysis service to all persons involved in the productive chain of coffee.

  • Analysis of performance of the coffee parchment: With a sample of your product; we can perform a series of quality controls to get the estimated percentage of production.
  • Sensory analysis of coffee (coffee-tasting): Necessary to recognize and compare organoleptic characteristics specific of each coffee.

*We make an internal document of the results of each analyses conducted

The raw material enters the piladoras, without damaging the grains, reducing the shrinkage to a minimum.
The plant has certification to process organic coffee without harming or altering its quality.

Classification by:

  • Sorting in sieves
    It is the classification of coffee beans according to their size.
  • Electronic classification
    The classification of grains is according to their color.
  • Gravimetric classification
    It is the classification of coffee beans according to their weight.

Coffee beans are roasted according to customer's request and in accordance with the Agtron scale.

  • Light roasted (# 75)
  • Medium roasted(# 65)
  • Dark Roasted (# 55)

We also take care of packaging and labeling after the coffee is degassed leaving it to stand for at least 24 hours. Our presentations are 250g, 500g and 1kg.





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